Manuel Aranguren, MT, MMP, M.A.T, MLD.

Massage is a therapy that is drug free, non-invasive in all its 500+ modalities/techniques (within the massage therapy field) and worth investing in. Manuel provides mainly Pre-op/Post-op Manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD) & Manual therapy for the Breast tissue (very popular among his clients) and MLDin general for those who wants to try it.

When it comes to massage Manuel combines different techniques to encourage and accelerate the healing process. He doesn’t chase the pain since the possible source of the problem may arise from a distal point. He does emphasize scar release techniques since scars cause fascia restrictions, pain and limited range of motion. Not matter how old or new the surgical scars, are he feels they need attention to improve outcomes.

Whether the client have just had an orthopedic or surgical procedure, chronic illnesses such as digestive issues, old scarring from C-section, beck, knee or hip surgery, planta fasciitis, or plastic surgery, Manuel can help facilitate better and faster outcomes, by decreasing pain and swelling. Additionally, our prices are very reasonable for this level of expertise.

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